Rain Sensor (24V)

Rain Sensor (24V)

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61.48 €

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The rain sensor detects rain or snow and can also detect fog if the sensitivity is set to the right level. With optional PTC-heating to prevent ice and condensation from forming.

The rain sensor is contained in strong housing suitable for outdoor use. It has many uses:

  • Detection of rain or snow fall
  • Depending on sensitivity setting - for detection of fog
  • Control of ventilation hatches, skylights and awnings
  • Designed for long term use with the Loxone Miniserver or Extension
  • Designed for use with any device with digital 24V inputs


  • Supply Voltage: 24V DC/AC
  • Power Consumption: 50 mA, (40 - 180mA during PTC-heating)
  • Method of Measurement: Electrolytic
  • Housing: ABS, IP54 Protection

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