Presence Sensor Outdoors (24V)

Presence Sensor Outdoors (24V)

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105.77 €

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The Esylux Motion Detector (RC230i UC) stands out from other detectors with its wide detection field of 230°. The sensor also comes with a special bracket for mounting on inner and outer corners.

The detector's sensitivity can be set with an adjusting screw. The Esylux Motion Detector is perfect for:

  • Detecting motion outside
  • Mounting on walls or ceilings with its special bracket
  • Connect to a Loxone Miniserver or Extension digital input directly


  • Line Voltage: 24V
  • Power consumption: 0.9W
  • Range: c.20m when mounted at a height of 2.5m
  • Light Level: c.2 - 2500 Lux

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