Shutter Actuator 4-fold, for 24VDC motors

Shutter Actuator 4-fold, for 24VDC motors

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Shutter Actuator 4-fold, 4SU MDRC, 8A, 24VDC

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Shutter Actuator to feed 24VDC shutter motors up to 180W 
With monostable relays, current max. 8A with ohmic load

  • Push Button and LED indicator for each channel
  • Operation mode blind/shutter programmable
  • Travel-, pause-at-change-of-direction and step time adjustable
  • 1Bit automatic function and sun protection
  • 8Bit positioning for shutter and blinds
  • 8 scenes per channel
  • Alarm, central- and block functions
  • Separate travel time for up and down adjustable
  • Tip operation for accurate positioning
  • To feed DC motors with two connections
  • Integrated commutator circuit
  • Programmable behavior in case of bus voltage failure or return
  • Modular installation device for DIN 35mm rails
  • Integrated bus coupling unit
  • 3 years warranty