Loxone Weather Station Tree

Loxone Weather Station Tree

425.47 € 425.47 EUR

425.47 €

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Measure and forecast wind, rain, temperature, solar irradiation and more! Includes 10 years online weather service.

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In a Loxone Smart Home, the precise measuring of localised weather and the forecasting of weather conditions can play an important role. To offer maximum functionality, the Weather Station is coupled with a 10-year subscription to the Loxone Weather Service.

  • Reliably measures local wind, rain, temperature and brightness

  • Accurately forecasts your local weather up to 66 hours in advance

  • Access the Loxone Weather Service data in the Loxone Smart Home App (10 years subscription included)

  • Setup your new weather station in record time thanks to Loxone Tree and Air Technology

  • Developed & designed specifically for use in a Loxone Smart Home

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