Loxone Tree Cable (100m)

Loxone Tree Cable (100m)

97.85 € 97.85 EUR

97.85 €

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The all-in-one cable for Tree devices - whether that’s motion sensors, switches or spots. With the new Tree Cable, we’re continuing to improve the ease-of-install of a Real Smart Home. The standardised colour-coding of the pairs greatly reduces the margin for error on an install.


  • All-in-one cable for all Tree components
  • Easy-to-identify colour coding
  • 2x1.5mm2 (Orange/White)
  • 2x2x0.6mm (Orange/White)
  • 2x2x0.6mm (Green/White)
  • Suitable for Tree communication
  • Metre marking
  • Sold in 100m lengths

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