Loxone Touch Pure Tree

Loxone Touch Pure Tree

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162.97 €

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Control your home with the new generation switch! The Loxone Touch Pure Tree combines 5 touch points with an in-built temperature & humidity sensor in a sleek and compact housing!

  • Smooth, satin glass surface

  • In-built backlight

  • Simplified, intuitive control for lighting, blinds, audio and more

  • Capacitive surface with 5 touch points

  • Fast and flexible cabling

  • Easy installation and configuration

  • Integrated temperature and humidity sensor

  • Fully updatable with free software updates

  • Audible click sound (optional)

  • Available in White and Anthracite

The Loxone Touch has five touch zones, which can be configured according to your needs. The large central touch zone is ideal for controlling lighting, whilst the corner zones are handy for controlling music and blinds, for example.

The Touch also supports double and triple clicks, in line with the Loxone Standard.

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