Loxone RGBW 24V Dimmer Air

Loxone RGBW 24V Dimmer Air

76.46 € 76.46 EUR

76.46 €

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Enjoy impressive colour or sophisticated warm-white light scenes in your home with the new RGBW 24V Dimmer Air

  • Based on Loxone Air Technology
  • All-in-One LED driver is ideal for retrofiting.
  • In combination with the Air Base Extension, you can control your colour lighting either manually via switches or your smartphone, or automatically via a presence detector.
  • Alongside the Miniserver and the Air Base Extension this RGBW Dimmer is set up in mere minutes.

Our review

Although this product was originally designed for dimming LED strips, it is a great solution for dimming 24V Constant Voltage LED Spots. For this low price, you can independently dim up to 4 lines, with up to 10 spots on each line. This is particularly useful when you want to add single- or multi-channel dimming capability to spots in suspended ceiling but there is no cabling available other than the wires to power the spots: you can place a 24V LED driver (transfo) with this dimmer on the ceiling via the hole for mounting a spot, and if you want to split up the spots in multiple dimming channels, reconfigure the lines between the spots locally.

Dimming this type of spots with a PWM dimmer works much better than dimming retrofit 230V (GU10) or 12V (MR16) spots with a classic dimmer, and at a lower cost:

  • the lamps can be dimmed really down to 1%. This dimmer however switches the spots off when dimming below 8%. There is no flicker and all lamps switch on/off perfectly synchronous.
  • the number of lamps connected does not change the behaviour. (There are small changes in intensity at very low dimming levels).
  • there is no noise
  • one PWM dimmer channel cost about 1/5 of a classic dimmer channel. Classic dimmers break rather fast.
It took us no time to throw out the old 12V halogen spots and their individual transfo's, add in a new 24V LED driver + the dimmer, and install the new 24V constant voltage LED spots, and the result was great. At max intensity, we could hardly see a difference in color, intensity and beam angle. Dimming down really low, halogen light turns more red, while the color of the leds remains exactly the same. The PWM frequency of the dimmer is similar to the ones used in most 'dimmable' retrofit LED lamps: we could notice the strobe effect e.g. when looking at running water from a tap. Most people would not notice this, but if this bothers you, then you should go for a PWM dimmer that uses a higher frequency like the KNX PWM dimmers  which you can set to 600Hz or 1KHz.


  • Power Supply 24VDC
  • Power: 50W (≙ 2,1A) per channel
  • Consumption: <150mW
  • Operating Temperature: 0 … 55 °C
  • Maximum cable length to LED strip: <30m

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