Loxone Modbus Extension

Loxone Modbus Extension

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207.81 €

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With the Modbus Extension you can easily expand your system to interact with other devices with a Modbus interface, like gas and electricity meters.

Want to add a Modbus interface to your Loxone system? The Modbus Extension will do just that and allow you to interact with a whole host of other devices that have got Modbus interfaces, for example gas, electricity, water and other energy meters.

  • Enjoy intelligent energy monitoring and cost savings
  • Simply connect the Extension via the Loxone Link to your Miniserver and you're ready to go! 


Dimensions: 35.5 x 88 x 57 mm (2 TE)
Power supply: 24VDC
Power consumption: ca. 30mA
Protection: IP20
Operating temperature: 0 - 50°C
1x Modbus Interface
Adjustable baud rate
Adjustable parity
extended address range from 0 to 65535

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