LED Spot WW 24V Constant Voltage

LED Spot WW 24V Constant Voltage

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3000K Warm White, 450Lumens, 4W, 0-100% fully dimmable with PWM dimmer

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Why choose 24V Constant Voltage (CV) spots?

  • Perfectly dimmable: unlike the retrofit LED lamps (12V or 230V), these LED spots can be fully dimmed 0% - 100%, without any flickering or noise, using relatively cheap and robost Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) dimmers, just like dimming 24V CV LED strips.
  • Unlike Constant Current (CC) spots, you can connect many spots in parallel on a single power supply and dimmer channel. You can add or remove spots without any effect on the other spots.
  • You can dim 4 lines independantly, each with multiple spots, on a single RGBW dimmer and power supply, which is much cheaper and robuster than a 4 x 230V dimmer 



These warm white LED spotlights combine stylish lighting with maximum energy efficiency, high quality and easy installation.

Elegant lighting, warm white 3000K

The LED Spots have a simple, elegant design to suit any style of home. Thanks to their luminosity, they can be used for lighting throughout the home, even in large rooms. By swiveling the lamp head, the LED spots can be individually adjusted.

Fully dimmable

Use a single channel of a PWM dimmer (W, RGB or RGBW) to dim a line of multiple spots. Up to 4 lines of spots can be dimmed individually using an RGBW dimmer in individual channel mode.

Easy to install

Add spots in parallel on a single or multiple lines to a single power supply or PWM dimmer.
Connect LED Spot with the included Wago connectors
Press retaining springs and push LED spot into the ceiling


You need at least a 24V CV LED Driver. This is a Power Supply specifically designed for powering LEDs at a constant voltage of 24V, while being able to handle the pulse-width-modulated current draw controlled by PWM dimmers, without making noise. Make sure max Watt power supply > sum of max Watt of all spots attached (via multiple channels of PWM dimmer). 

You will find here a list of tested drivers. We will add our comments to the products when tested.

To dim these lights, you need a PWM dimmer. The control signal for the dimmer can be 1-10V, KNX, DMX, Loxone Air, or other protocols. A combined product driver+dimmer currently only exists for 1-10V control.

You will find here a list of tested PWM dimmersWe will add our comments to the products when tested.

Colour temperature: 3000 Kelvin Warm White
Light output: 410 Lumen
Dimming: 0 - 100% with PWM
Beam Angle: 38 °
Tilt Angle: 45°
Number of LEDs: 4
Power supply: 24V DC Power, PWM dimmer
Power: max. 5W
Energy efficiency: A++ 
Operating temperature: 0°C - 55°C
Depth: 60mm
Mounting diameter: 68 - 72mm
Overall diameter: 80mm
Overall length: 52mm
Relative Humidity: 95% r.H.
Protection: IP20
Installation: Retaining springs
Cleaning: with a dry cloth only

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