LED Spot RGBW 24V Constant Voltage

LED Spot RGBW 24V Constant Voltage

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3000K Warm White + RGB Leds, 450Lumens, 5.4W, 0-100% fully dimmable with PWM dimmer

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Why choose 24V Constant Voltage (CV) spots?

  • Perfectly dimmable: unlike the retrofit LED lamps (12V or 230V), these LED spots can be fully dimmed 0% - 100%, without any flickering or noise, using relatively cheap and robost Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) dimmers, just like dimming 24V CV LED strips.
  • Unlike Constant Current (CC) spots, you can connect many spots in parallel on a single power supply and dimmer channel. You can add or remove spots without any effect on the other spots.
  • You can dim 4 lines independantly, each with multiple spots, on a single RGBW dimmer and power supply, which is much cheaper and robuster than a 4 x 230V dimmer 

Technical data

Colour temperature: 3000 Kelvin Warm White
Light output: 410 Lumen
Dimming: 0 - 100% with PWM
Beam Angle: 120°
Tilt Angle: 45°
Number of LEDs: 12 Multichip LEDs for RGB, 4 High-Power LEDs for WW
Power supply: 24V DC Power PWM
Power: max. 5W (WW), max. 5.4W (RGB)
Energy efficiency: A to A++ (most efficient)
Operating temperature: 0°C - 55°C
Depth: 60mm
Mounting diameter: 68...72mm
Overall diameter: 80mm
Overall length: 52mm
Relative Humidity: 95% r.H.
Protection: IP20
Installation: Retaining springs
Cleaning: with a dry cloth only

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