0-10V Proportional Thermal Actuator

0-10V Proportional Thermal Actuator

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The Loxone Actuator is a thermo-electronic actuator used for opening and closing valves in direct proportion to the applied control voltage.

The control driving is done by 0-10 V signal, so it's suitable for all devices that can output a 0-10V signal. This thermal actuator is suitable for the following applications:

  • Control of heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems 
  • Control of heating valves, radiators, chilled ceilings and similar devices
  • Accommodation in heating circuits
  • Suitable for continuous use with Loxone Miniserver or at the Extension
  • Suitable for use on all devices that output a 0-10V signal


Type: OEM drive 5 - DDC APR 42405-00N
Voltage input: 0-10V
Power Consumption: 2W
Degree of protection: IP 54 (only with installed cable)
Travel Range: 4mm (minus over)
Force: 100 N + - 5%
Inrush current max: <250 mA max. 2 min
Mean operating time: 30 s / mm Datasheet: thermal actuator 0-10V