Advice, Planning, Configuration and integration, Training

Services tailored to your needs

We are pretty flexible in the services that we offer, depending on our customer's needs.

Most projects start with and exploratory conversation helping you to set the scope and budget of the project, while learning from our expertise and possibly saving costs.
We can advise you on how to best implement all functions and integrate your pre-existing infrastructure, and define the products you will need, and how much it will cost.

From our expertise on all products that we offer and many projects, we can implement and configure them in the best possible way, making sure you benefit from all features they can offer. We can simply assist or train the installer, or up to managing the implementation ourselves. Whichever way, we want to hand-over the system so you need mininum or no support to manage the system yourself. We can offer documentation and training, online or onsite support, or continuous maintenance.

On the other hand, we also support self-installers: you can purchase all products directly from us. As added value to the our products, we advise our customers in their choice of products, we help them configure the products to get a well working solution, and we help them integrate the products into their infrastructure.

We can easily solve many customer's problems or demands using combinations of our products in an efficient way because we have specifically selected the products for this purpose, and we have built expertise integrating these products.

So feel free to contact us with any pre- or post-sales questions