The ultimate business application

Install new features on demand

Once you use odoo for one application, you get the flexibility to deploy new apps, launch new departments or integrate new activities in just a few clicks. No need to train users, to configure the system or to integrate with other applications.

Ideal for small businesses

Get started fast, work efficiently, allowing growth

odoo is used by large corparations worldwide and by many small businesses  and single person businesses. Odoo is not a tradition complex and costly ERP system,  but a complete set of tightly integrated business applications. You can start-off really simple:

  • It is modular: you can start with a simple and clear application e.g. only accounting and invoicing. Once you are ready to do more, you could e.g. install CRM with a single click to immediately add that functionality. Your CRM is then fully integrate with accounting and all existing customer details and transactions.
  • You can start immediately without software installation: an online Saas version gets you started in minutes. The software can also be installed on a local server or a Virtual Private Server (VPS)
  • Licensing is simple and cheap,  including hosting if you choose the Saas version. 

A new generation of business applications

Complete, fully integrated, even into your front-end website

In odoo, you never have to enter the same information twice. All information is fully integrated and available in the many applications (modules).

The latest version now includes a great website builder, blog and e-commerce application as a front-end to the ERP system. Your ERP is your CMS (Content Management System). This means you can publish many things from your ERP onto your website publicly or specific to a logged-in customer, and create a website or eCommerce store really fast. Actually, this site is built that way.

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What we offer

Our services related to odoo

  • analysing you requirements, defining the best solution and drafting the implementation project
  • project management for implementation
  • business process definition and implementation
  • training and support
  • website design
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