Network solutions

For small to medium offices, stores, and your home

Smartbusinesstools specializes in Draytek routers, access points and switches, the brand that focusses on complete and affordable small business routers.

Internet availability and quality

Businesses increasingly depend on the internet for many reasons: access to applications in the cloud, payments systems, VoIP, remote management, security, etc. They need a quality router that never locks up, with multiple WAN failover, and a network that does not saturate.

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Restricted internet access for employees, and kids

Stop your employees from wasting company time on social networks, playing online games, watching videos, or putting systems at risk downloading files and applications.

Protect kids from viewing inappropriate content

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Secure Wifi for your customers and guests

Solutions to provide Wifi anywhere in or around your building, with secure access for guest or customers, shielding them from your own internal network and without loosing any bandwidth

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LAN-to-LAN tunnels and remote access

Make a permanent connection between 2 offices, or between your home network and you business.

Connect to the office when on the road