We focus on just a few brands that have proven to offer the most complete solutions and are best fit for small business use. That way, we can build strong knowledge in the products, and offer better support and integration.

Building automation

  • central controller for total integration: access control, security, lighting, HVAC, audio
  • easy complete visualization on smartphone, tablet, and web browser for remote monitoring and control
  • KNX, IP, IR, wireless and many other protocols

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Network and VoIP products

  • Routers with dual WAN or 4G failover, VPN, Firewall, content filtering, Wifi access point management, bandwith management, QoS and VoIP prioritization.
  • Smart switches and Wifi Access Points
  • IP-PBX with built-in ISDN and analog gateways

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VoIP phones

  • SIP VoIP phones with extensive features and integration capabilities
  • IP-PBX

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