Loxone Relay Extension

Loxone Relay Extension

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The most powerful Loxone Extension! Expand your Loxone system by 14 hefty 16A relays to switch even the most biggest loads with ease.

The Loxone Relay Extension is a true power house and with its fourteen 16A rated relays it will switch even the heaviest loads with ease.

  • Each relay can switch up to 16A. That means you could switch 100 traditional tungsten light bulbs on just one channel! 
  • Unbeatable value for money. With the Miniserver you have got yourself a truly smart controller for up to 7 sets of blinds, 14 light circuits or 14 heating zones!
  • Control your blinds, electric towel rails, underfloor heating, flood lights, your immersion heater and much more.
  • Easy to use as always! Simply connect the Relay Extension to the Miniserver via the Loxone Link and you're ready to go


Dimensions: 156 x 88 x 57mm (T9 housing)
Operating temperature: 0 - 50°C
Protection: IP20
Power consumption: ca. 30mA at 24V DC (all relays open)
Power consumption: ca. 300mA at 24V DC (all relays closed)
14 digital outputs (relays)
250V AC 16A at cos φ = 1.30V DC 16A