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Draytek VigorAP 910C
178,00 € 178.0 EUR
Draytek VigorBX 2000ac
Dual WAN VoIP Route, 1Gb WAN + 1 VDSL2/ADSL2/2+ modem, IP-PBX for 50 SIP extensions, 6 Gigabit LAN , 802.11ac wireless, 2x FXS port,1 FXO port, 2 USB ports, 32 VPN, 3G/4G backup WAN via USB stick.
499,00 € 499.0 EUR
End Plate for 8x4 Terminals (1 pcs)
0,53 € 0.53 EUR
Gira Cover Plate 2 units
4,95 € 4.95 EUR
IP54 Protective Cap for motion sensor
For outdoor installation of presence sensor
3,90 € 3.9 EUR
Ibutton reader 1-Wire Outdoor
29,74 € 29.74 EUR
Indoor Temperature Sensor 0-10V
44,17 € 44.17 EUR
Jumper Wire (100m)
11,68 € 11.68 EUR
KNX Drossel
39,00 € 39.0 EUR
KNX Presence Detector, 3 sensors
102,00 € 102.0 EUR
KNX Presence Detector, 4 sensors
4 sensors + light sensor. (Movement 16m Ø, Presence 8m Ø)
119,00 € 119.0 EUR
LED Ceiling Light RGBW Air
3000K Warm White, 1800 Lumens, 197W + RGBW 1-100% fully dimmable via Air
259,00 € 259.0 EUR
LED Ceiling Light RGBW Tree
3000K Warm White, 1800 Lumens, 197W + RGBW 1-100% fully dimmable via Tree
256,47 € 256.47 EUR