Do much more

Snom phones are by far the best choice if you want to do anything more than just call. They have the most extensive list of features, and multiple ways to integrate with other functions. The phones can be controlled and configured remotely, and they can communicate with other devices and services via http requests.

Some examples

Things you could do in combination with other services or devices

Even more examples

To show off the capabilities

Make your phone dial out

An alarm system can trigger your office phone to dial out to your GSM is speaker mode. You can listen and speak in the room

View IP cameras

Put the door videophone images on your phone whenever the bell is rung, or dispay video from a security camera

Open the door

With a push on one of the programmable buttons

Display information

Display the room temperature on the bottom line of the display

Control the room

Change the target temperature, lighting, and audio volume on the display of your phone

Notify important missed calls

Send an email containing the phone number whenever you miss an important call