How to restrict internet access for employees, or your kids


Emloyees waste company time browsing social websites, playing online games, watching videos, or put systems at risk downloading files and applications. 

At home, you want to protect your kids from inappropiate content, or limit their internet usage in time, or only grant access when under supervision. 

Central internet access management

on the router

Solution: limit internet usage centrally in the router, per group, device, type of content, time, rights

Draytek routers have many feature for this built in:

  • automatic filtering on type of content via a subscription service, e.g. 'social media', 'games', 'executables download', 'child protection'
  • filtering on applications and protocols
  • URL filtering: block specific websites or sites that have certain keyword in their URL
  • require users to login to access the internet
  • give internet access according to a time schedule or give a time budget

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